June 18, 2020

Peel-a-Ton through the summer and beyond!

Hello there we are now on our fourth month of the pandemic for the US and globally possibly the 7th or 8th. I hope everyone is staying safe and following guidelines. As restaurants and businesses start to open back up we want to remind you that we have options available to keep safe distance between workers in the kitchen reducing the need for an enormous amount of staff can greatly increase the safety level of your kitchen and contact with the virus.

Less people in close proximity, working more efficiently, to achieve a higher production rate. Astra and our Peel-a-Ton line of machines can help you open safely and operate effectively in the post-pandemic world.

That being said again I hope everyone is safe and healthy. We here at Astra want to give special thanks to our first responders and all the medical staff working tirelessly to fight Covid 19 around the world.

If you ever have any questions regarding one of our machines. Please reach out to us at 866-Peel-Ton.