May 25, 2020

The show must go on!

Hello friends and customers, as I write this it feels a bit strange. This week was supposed to be the launch of our newest products at the NRA Chicago, originally scheduled for this week. In the wake of our trade show season being canceled and interrupted, a new way to bring you almost the entire trades show experience right to the palm of your hand. Peel Tv is going strong and this saturday will mark our 15th episode, yes 15 episodes in just 7 weeks. From a zero rpm start that is pretty good. 

This week’s episodes covered prepping and peeling mangoes with the ka-700. Our second episode this week will be on peeling oranges and a timed attack challenge for Jordan and the ka-700, how fast can he peel the oranges. In just a few short weeks we will be starting our Ka-750 Pinapplator set of videos and we will even have some new testing on pumpkins and gourds to peel. This summer is going to be very exciting for the peeling world. 

AS this Blog comes to a close, know that all of the friends, colleagues, and family we normally get to see and socialize with in chicago, you are in our hearts and minds. We hope to see you at the next NRA show.