July 02, 2020

Time for thought and reflection

Hopefully this message and blog is coming two at a time when you are safe. As many of our family members suffer from a terrible disease sweeping across the planet and gripping our nation. many food processing facilities are struggling to stay open. While it is important to keep social distancing it is also important that we not stop our food industries and that we learned to operate in a safe manner.

We here at Peel-a-ton feel as though we are on the forefront of this fight for the food service industry. As our machines can help not only increase production but allow your staff to be more spread out working in a safer manner. As an added bonus all of the food coming out of your plant will be cleaner and less handled by people prepping the food, there by making it safer for the people eating the food. That in and of itself is a huge advantage to the Peel-a-Ton line of machinery and equipment.

Our equipment was initially intended to be high production, safety improving equipment for the commercial kitchen. As our world has developed our machines are turning into an appliance that can keep social distancing guidelines in commercial kitchens while maintaining a high degree of production and accuracy.

We hope you stay safe during the remainder of this global pandemic and if you have any questions as always please feel free to reach out to us at 866-Peel-Ton.