January 18, 2021

ASTRA on the Supermarket Perimeter magazine

Happy New Year everyone!

We here at ASTRA inc. hope this reaches you in good health on the precipice of a widespread vaccine rollout. Hopefully we can soon put this all behind us. Astra has had an article published in Supermarket Perimeter, we discussed the benefits of using an astral peeling machine inside of the supermarket and on a fresh cuts floor.

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Among the many benefits of Astra Peel-a-ton machines you can expect to have an increased production rate of nearly 20 fruits and vegetables including; apples, kiwis, pears, beets, potatoes, oranges, lemon , limes…. The list goes on.

Safety is a huge improvement with the our machines. there is only one way to reduce knife accidents in the kitchen, reducing knife time. I utilizing our machines you will be taking knives out of hands for the majority of peeling fruit and vegetables which is where most cuts occur in prep.

And finally lowering your labor needs and meeting your labor cost goals. With machines capable of peeling upwards of 1200 fruit per hour. The job peeling pallets of kiwis can be delegated to one person on a Peel-a-Ton machine, where normally it would take at least three people to match the FAP-1001 hour for hour.

Again thank you very much to all of our Frontline workers and all of our food workers who continue to work through this pandemic.
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