December 02, 2020

2020 the Year of the Rollercoaster

As we move into the holidays here and we’ve begun to reflect on the year past, Astra Peel-a-ton inc has decided to launch a new and improved website.

With 2020 bringing so many new things to the restaurant industry and the food service industry as a whole, and they continue for those of us living on the West coast of the United States. Everyone moved into new territory trying new strategies and things that had never been done before. Peel TV was our answer to not having the tradeshow platform we planned on for the remainder of year. In July we had the first all digital trade show, among many new digital meetings services. With trade shows being halted abruptly right as the New York food and restaurant show was about to kick off in March. Everything from trade show meet and greets to conference calls and board meetings moved to a digital platform.

Businesses were reeling as many states shut down entirely and others continued to chug along.
As so many restaurants and food service operations are in danger of shutting their doors temporarily or worse permanently it’s important to remember that saving on labor as well as maintaining a high degree of cleanliness is the chief most important thing in stopping the spread of this virus. All of the Astra Peel-a-ton machines help reduce labor letting you spread your workers out as well as increase accuracy and reducing person-to-food contact. This is the way we are going to save not only our industry but our restaurants and our small businesses. Any food service operation can benefit from a peel-a-ton machine in this new ever evolving world we are in.

Reducing the amount of people in your kitchen, spreading out the people in your kitchen, and increasing your kitchen’s efficiency, while reducing food contact with your employees.

Many states are moving into a shutdown area again and the food service industry is in a dire place. Drastically reducing the amount of people in your day-to-day workforce can reduce the risk of spreading the virus while keeping your business open.

If you are a commercial bakery, fresh cuts processor, meal prep facility, restaurant, or ghost kitchen Astra Peel-a-ton can help keep you in business.

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