March 03, 2020

Nothing Beats not Peeling Beets

Now that we are almost done with winter it’s time to get those Beets out of the ground and on those salads and goat cheese. Used especially during the wedding season and for catered events, those beautiful rainbow plates are full of beets of  all shapes and sizes.

As a former prep-cook in some very busy kitchens I can 100% say that beyond a shadow of a doubt the toughest food to prepare is beets. Being a root vegetable they are one of the tougher hard-skinned vegetables to cut and peel. 

Oftentimes we would steam the beets for a bit to make the skin easier to remove. No more… steaming your beets is a thing of the past. 

With the Peel-A-Ton You can peel raw beets at about 6-10 seconds each. Did I forget to mention that the peel-a-ton is peeling your beet while it’s still raw?  Yes, you read that correctly the Ka-700 and the FAP-1001 can both peel beets raw. Not only saving you time and money, but also your yield. Your prep staff will be jumping with joy to hear that no one will burn their fingers any longer  on steaming hot beets trying to remove the skins. Oh any when beets are raw they are at most half as messy so your kitchen will no longer look like a scene from a 90’s horror movie covered in beet juice. 

Speaking of catering you can see our distribution partners with Dark Side of the Spoon at Catersource in Las Vegas next week  Booth (1035), while we are at the New York foodservice and restaurant show Booth (1520) please don’t forget to check us out while in either the greater New York or Las Vegas area.