March 18, 2020

Assembly, disassembly, and sanitizing your ka-700

Good afternoon everyone. We hope to find you good health and that you are safe from the scary events that seem to be going on across the country and across the planet. Covid-19 is an extremely virulent disease that is spread through contact with infected surfaces. Amidst this national emergency please be sure to be taking all necessary health and safety precautions for you, your family, and customers. Please remember always wash your hands. The remainder of this blog posts going to be related to the ka-700 peel-a-ton model.

More specifically we are going to discuss proper assembly disassembly and sanitizing of your Peel-a-Ton. We are going to offer a step-by-step guide as well as videos that have been uploaded to YouTube for you to view.

The ka-700 model of the peel-a-ton it’s fairly simple to put together break apart and clean if you follow these instructions.

Disassembly for cleaning

  1. Be sure that your peeling machine has been disconnected from the power supply and is off.
  2. Remove the retaining pin on the fruit prong
  3. Remove the fruit prong
  4. Unhook the tension spring
  5. Remove the retaining pin from the tension spring nut.
  6. Remove the blade arm
  7. Remove the blade while leaving the black knurled screw threaded just slightly.

Cleaning and Sanitization

  1. Be sure to disconnect power and make sure the machine is off
  2. For small parts such as, prongs, pins,blade arm and spring. Clean off any exterior debris and let them soak in sanitization fluid for at least 10 minutes.
  3. The peel-a-ton unit itself can we wipe down with a sanitization cloth and dried. You may also use a top down sprayer on the Peel-a-Ton as long as water is not allowed to penetrate from the bottom up into the unit.
  4. Once all the parts have been dried off and cleaned they can be reassembled onto the unit.

Reassembly of the KA-700

  1. Attach the blade to the blade arm. be sure that the blade is facing the correct direction teeth should be on top and the letters and model of the blade should be visible.
  2. Reattach the blade arm to the machine.
  3. Replace the tension spring nut and pin it.
  4. Make sure that the clip is on the top of the tension spring nut. Otherwise the unit will not balanced correctly.
  5. Attach the spring to the blade arm onto the center slot
  6. Attach the fruit prong of your choice and pin it.

Thank for reading. Following the 16 steps above will help you clean and maintain your unit through its entire usable life cycle.